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Code of Conduct
  • Play within the rules. Play to win but play fair.

  • It is the members’ responsibility to know the rules and the risks of the game. Please ask for assistance or clarification from more experienced members.

  • Care for and respect the equipment and environment.

  • Limit the risk of dangerous behaviour on the court. The game can be high speed, and in close proximity some sporting incidents could occur.

  • No violence, aggressive language should be directed at any other member, employee of FOS or fellow FOS club members. Some swearing at yourself is permitted.

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people involved in the game, regardless of their gender, ability or cultural background.

  • Refrain from conduct, which could be regarded as harassment towards fellow players.

  • A member will not engage in any behaviour which would endanger the health, safety or well-being of any associated with Rainbow Squash or FOS.

  • The club expect any disagreement to be resolved by the players when it comes to rules, playing style or on court behaviour. You have the right to stop playing the match, and there is no obligation to play with another player in the future.

  • Please ensure fair allocation of courts and usage. FOS are quite flexible with our courts however depending on the evening it may become busy, and therefore we hope members rotate in a timely and fair manner if others are waiting.

  • Registration is required on the FOS site if you decided to play outside the Friday night squash evening. This provides a number of benefits such as online booking of courts. If you fail to register you may be expected to pay for the use of the court, failure to do so may result in action from the board.

  • Any membership benefits are limited to that member and are non-transferable.

  • It is the responsibility of the member to ensure all financial commitments are settled in a timely manner. This includes and are not limited to, settlement of bar tabs, payment of fees and trainer payments.

  • The board retains the right to act upon any behaviour that they see unfit and against the spirit of the club.

  • Members are obligated to adhere to FOS rules and conditions, which can be clearly stated at the location.

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